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Daily Garbage Disposal-Product series: Stand-alone machine


Daily Garbage Disposal-Product series:Stand-alone machine (Daily processingcapacity: 100kg1ton)

Since 2003,Rojust has successfully developed its own productswith independent  intellectual propertyrightsRJW series of microbial organic waste processing machine. The product is agreat integration by microbial technology and mechanical technology. After RJW’sgolden-touch degradation, the food waste turn into the residual material whichcan be made into high-quality renewable organic fertilizers. It is exactly inthis way that Rojust has achieved the recycling use of resources zeropublic-nuisance in the entire process, zero secondary pollution afterprocessing therefore best fits the State’s in-situ treatment principles of wastedisposal-Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Thus, the long-term conventional managementproblem of the organic waste source which has trouble China’s society fordecades has been successfully cracked by this magic machine. It is the besthigh-tech response and ideal solution for organic garbage disposal.Furthermore, It distinguishes itself out by its high flexibility and greatperformance in varies situationshotels, restaurants,communities, food markets, food processing plants, airports, vessels and otherlocations producing the organic waste sources. With its high processing efficiencyand low operating costs, we are confident that our RJW machine is the bestcandidate product for all China’s cities which are still stuck in landfilltechnology.

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