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As Xiamen Rojust Co. Ltd’s subsidiary, we remain devotedly engaged in the R&D and promotion of the sustainable use of wasted resource. Sharing the superiority in team professionalism, technologies, patents and biochemical products with our parent company, we offer the one-stop green-eco-service, including project planning, process design, engineering construction and management operations to our clients.

We are proud of having an elite international R&D team joined by doctors, masters and senior engineers. By carefully blending our unique innovations with the international advanced technology essence, we have a cluster of lovely product babies and outshine market by our cutting-edge brand with independent intellectual properties.

Our patent RJW products are featured with its smart operation, stable performance, cost-effective and reasonable price, quick project launch and zero secondary pollution. These patent products are able to consume the organic wastes, such as kitchen food wastes, in either distributed or centralized way, based on the actual situation. Furthermore, the treated remains can be renewed to be organic fertilizer products. This entire chain therefore becomes the best example of resources recycling, and our products are listed by the National Development and Reform Commission as the state-encouraged environmental protection industry equipment.

At the application level, such philosophy provides exactly the best solution for the government and the people to crack the chronic social ills caused by “illegal cooking oil” and “pig swill”, therefore  effectively solved the food waste treatment problem in both China and overseas Chinese cuisine areas. Now, our philosophy and products have been widely used in China’s major cities organs, institutions, airports, hotels, farmers markets and become mainstream to guide China’s food waste treatment industry.

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